Gaming evenings (Sorta LAN like)

April 23, 2013 in General

Hello Cure people,

Cure games is about playing games with each other and have fun doing that.
Most of the games played are played fairly seriously and in long terms.
Thats why I want to try something new!
It is kinda comparable to a casual lan-party.
We pick a game , set a date and we play it.
It will only be played for fun, casually and with each other.
How things will rule out, how we will find a date, which game to play etc. will be figured out in the progress.
These have to be games that can be played privately (own server/LAN (hamachi)).
Can be free to play games, can also be payed games (but not everyone has all games so we will have to find something for that)
Think about games like battlefield 2, Call of duty franchise , Left 4 dead or Supreme commander. (Almost all genres are good for this!)

I suggest our first game to test this with can be warsow
Completely free to play quake-esque first person shooter that will run on basically every system.
No date yet though as I want to see how many people are interested and when everyone can.
Video about this game here: Youtube

Please give feedback, opinions and ideas about this below!