Tips: Green Man Gaming

April 17, 2013 in Sales



There are a Few places that myself and others go to get deals on games.

here is one of the ones that I’ve personally used alot.

Green Man Gaming

In general its the place that has the best sales.

and I always make sure to take a look.


  • Some games are not on sale but might be cheaper so take the time to look around.
  • Make sure if you want steam codes that it says “third part DRM: Steam”
  • Some games use there own capsule program that you will need to download. (its simple but some people dont like it)
  • They have a 15 min time limit on there cart. but I believe it only counts down when you are looking at the checkout.
  • If your thinking of paying with paypal make sure to sign up with your paypal email because they used that to make it work.